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Hi warriors,

It has been a while since I’ve posted for quite a long while. This has been due to me working on the official, self hosted website –!

I just want to thank each and every one of you who have supported my journey along the way as a blogger. It hasn’t been easy as a warrior or as a blogger, but I haven’t given up on my vision to build a site. A site that is dedicated to helping people who suffer with chronic illnesses and pain have perseverance and ultimately prosperity in their lives.

For those of you who have been actively following, please stay connected and subscribe to our mailing list so you can still receive newsletters and updates. If you would like to subscribe, click on the link listed below & and you’ll be the first to know when the site has launched!

I hope to see you guys there!

Until next time,

Tasha M


7 Tips For Migraine Sufferers in Hot Weather

I hope that these tips will help you to look forward to your day out in the sunshine!

Hey Warriors!

So we are in the midst of that season where skin is cooking on this side of the hemisphere. As the summer holidays have just started, some of you may be planning to go on vacation to warmer places. Others may be experiencing heatwaves. Either way, soaring temperatures can be difficult to cope with when you suffer with migraines! Unfortunately, some chronic illnesses come packaged with migraines and headaches – so this can be beneficial to those of you who have to deal with them.

As a warrior who deals with chronic migraine, I have often been stuck in the thick of the heat. Especially on public transport; no fresh air, no air conditioning and no way out of it without a migraine being triggered. As the summers have come and gone, I have found certain tricks have helped me to cope with such atmospheres.

So, here are some tips to help y0u endure the heat and possibly even escape a migraine attack;

1) Bring a spritz bottle filled with water:

Spritzing water on your face is one of the immediate ways to cool down when overwhelmed with heat. This has been a game changer for me during humid weather. Focus on spraying your face, the back of your neck and even your feet. I usually do this & it has worked wonders for me.

If you want to buy your own bottle and fill it up with your own water, I recommend you buy a small travel bottle. Alternatively, you can also buy Evian Face Spray or even Magicool face and body cooler from amazon or your local pharmacy.

2) Get your head gear ready:

Dear warriors, if you have a sensitivity to light due to migraines, then I urge you please bring a hat with you. I had to find this out the hard way. You may wear glasses that help to tackle that, but having a hat, cap or visor acts as that extra layer to your shield.

Also, it would benefit all people to wear their head gear to avoid sunstroke or headaches/migrianes from direct sunlight drumming on their scalps or foreheads.

3) Wear loose clothing & watch your fabrics:

Many people tend to be tempted to wear the lightest, skimpiest thing they can find during summer. On the contrary,  you will benefit more from wearing loose clothing as it’ll allow ventilation around your body. Tight clothing means warm air will get trapped in those tight gaps between your skin & the clothes – so it really doesn’t do us any favours in the long run. Also, you’ll want to pay special attention to what kind of material you’re wearing. Stay away from viscoses (which are easier to come across in the stores particularly during summer) and flock towards clothes that are made from cotton and linen (light linen). I recently traveled to Jamaica and found that wearing those materials served me well.

4) Drink MORE water than you usually do:

We all know we should stay hydrated during hot weather. That’s a given. However, I encourage you to drink more water than you usually do on a daily basis if you’re going out in hot weather. I usually drink 3 litres of water everyday to avoid dehydration triggering a migraine. But whenever I’m in a warm climate, I have to increase my water consumption to more than what I’m used to. The human body will sweat more on a hot day; losing more water. Thus, drinking more water strikes the balance that helps you manage the heat rather than have the heat manage you.

5) Seek the waters! Rivers, Coasts, etc.

Unfortunately this is heavily based on cirumstances. But if you have a choice in where you are going, I encourage you to seek out somehwere coastal or even where there is a river nearby. These places usually supply a breeze which will naturally cool you and offer you some ventilation. So if y0u are planning a day out with your loved ones, suggest going on a beach trip! *wink wink*

6) Let a handheld/mini fan do the work:

Warriors, I heavily recommend that you get a personal, mini electric fan that you can carry in your bag. I have recently invested in one & found it to be handy. Now I’m not talking about the small ones with the little foam wings that spin around, I’m talking about the newer ones that has the appearance of traditional oscillating home fans, but the miniature versions of them. Get one that is rechargeable and is durable. Also seek one that is foldable so it can stand on a table by itself. Here is the link to the fan I purchased from John Lewis;

As an extra tip – spritz your face first and then point your fan at your face straight afterwards. That’s the turbo version of cooling yourself!

7) Plan ahead:

Plan your outfit (regarding the materials) and the bag to carry everything your going to need – including the spritz bottle, fan, medication, hat and any other aids that you utisilise on a daily basis. This will help you to feel prepared and ready for whatever is thrown at you when you step out into that battlefield…or shall I say desert?

Now that I’ve shared these tips warriors, utilise them! Take each day as it comes and I hope that these tips will help you to look forward to your day out in the sunshine!

If you have any other tips that work for you, share them with us and comment below warriors!

Until next time,

Tasha M


Chronic Christmas Gift Ideas: Wishlist

I’m going to share a list of gift ideas – they are guaranteed to be a hit for that beloved friend or family member who has a chronic illness!

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Christmas carols, festive movies, eating masses of food and spending time with your family – what isn’t there to love about Christmas?

As the most cherished season fastly approaches, people find themselves going round in circles or even procrastinating on buying presents. We all know that one person who is an absolute NIGHTMARE to buy for! (My mum. Shh, you didn’t read that!🤫).

Buying presents for any individual can be tricky; essentially, you want to get them something that will be appreciated and utilised. So, I’m going to share a list of gift ideas – they are guaranteed to be a hit for that beloved friend or family member who has a chronic illness!

1)Electric Blanket or Heat Pad

A much appreciated gift that can help to alleviate the pain. This can be particularly helpful if the recipient deals with muscle/joint pains or a condition that alters their body temperature. 

2) Cold Compress Bag or Cold Compress Holder

This will be useful for people who suffer with pains like migraines. When it comes to chronic pain – both extremes can work depending on the sufferer. Either we apply something cold or something hot to the area that is in pain. Consider buying one and even customising it for your recipient!

3) Planner or Diary

One of the many struggles of somebody with a chronic illness – appointments, appointments, appointments! Family outings, meetings, checkups you name it! From neurologists to ophthalmologists, we have dates that we are likely to forget (especially if we have a chronic illness that affects our cognitive abilities/memory!) 

4) Comfortable Pyjamas

Unfortunately, some spoonies are bed or home bound for most of the day. If this is the case for that person you have in mind, then I can guarantee you, they will APPRECIATE bed/home clothing more than the average person! Make an effort to find a set that is plush and comfortable to wear. They will put this to good use – whether at home or at hospital during a flare up!

5) Something Inspirational

Living with a chronic illness comes with its struggles. Most people are aware of the physical adversity that a sufferer faces. Unfortunately,  many are unaware of the toll it takes on a person mentally. Dealing with an illness can wear down at a person’s spirit; they need something that will encourage them to keep fighting. Something that will empower them to live life to the fullest. So if you want to take this route, you can get them a movie, album or even a book. Maybe even a piece of art that is inspirational. There are no limits when it comes to inspiration. 

6) Essential Oils / Diffuser or Oil Burner

What a blessing it is to have oils that can be therapeutic and helpful to those with chronic pain. This can be done either by applying it to one’s body, or even by burning it through a diffuser/oil burner.  Do some research  on which essential oil would be useful according to what illness or symptoms the recipient has.

7) Netflix

One thing that I have seen is the consensus is that Netflix is KING to people with chronic illnesses – whether it’s a sick day or a low energy day, Netflix is guaranteed to be put to use!

8) Gift Vouchers (useable online)

For that warrior who is unable to leave their house, this will always be accepted without any argument. This allows your recipient to have their shopping come to them!

9) Water Colours / Water Colour Book

There is something about painting that is therapeutic to the soul. Many people with chronic illnesses have picked up a paint brush and found a fondness for it!

10) Your Time

Someone with a chronic illness can easily feel isolated and like they are missing out on life. Especially if they rarely get to go out with friends or family, or have to cancel plans frequently. Try to visit your loved one or maybe even take them out for the day. Make plans and make them happen. Your presence is the best present you can give!

So I hope these ideas have helped or at least sparked off the right gift idea for you. To those who have a chronic illness, I encourage you to share and repost this post so that your loved ones have ideas of what to buy for you! Is there anything else you would add to this list? Comment and let us know!

Wishing you all a fantastic, festive Christmas and keep an eye out for the next Blogmas post to come!

Until next time,

Tasha M


Take Time Out! #PainWarriorPepTalk

You are entitled to have a rest, don’t deprive yourself of something that is
detrimental to your wellbeing…

Greetings Warriors!

I haven’t posted a #PainWarriorPepTalk in a while! I am hoping you have recently had some better days (emotionally mentally) & some pain-free days also!

I haven’t posted much lately as I had the summer holidays away from work. Unfortunately, the new school year has commenced. Alas, I am classroom-bound again for this academic year *cue sad violin music*.

Before the holidays started, I had originally planned to get a lot of work done. Truth be told, I didn’t get much done at all! I was regretful once the end of the holidays approached. I felt like I had failed myself. However, my perspective changed once I reflected on what I did get to do over the summer; I spent quality time with my family and close friends. I don’t usually get to spend much time with my people during the academic year. This is usually because I am pressed for time, or don’t always feel well enough whenever it’s the weekend or a holiday from work. When I realised this, it had hit me that maybe I was being too hard on myself: as a person who deals with a chronic illness, I juggle two jobs (most of us spoonies struggle to deal with one!). Before the holidays, my body was already acting up and I felt run down. I needed the summer holidays to rest, recuperate and regenerate my energy. It was ludicrous to plan to use my time on holiday FROM work, to DO work! I’m not a newbie warrior – I know better than that.

take time out graphics.png

So why am I sharing this with you? To remind you that it is OKAY to rest. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. There needs to be time for everything;  including a time for working AND a time to rest. But make sure you don’t neglect the latter. Resting enables you to regenerate the energy you will need to get your next task or goal completed.

Now one can easily think “I already know this…”, but don’t consider this pep talk to be a new lesson – consider it to be a revision session.

We already know spoonie life entails our bodies constantly being under attack. You can’t control every aspect of what your illness does to you. However, you can control how much rest you allow yourself to have.

If we take the Spoon Theory into account, it is essential for us to recuperate and regain our spoons. We stifle our chances of having four/five spoons if we are always pushing ourselves on one spoon. This will result in us crashing in a way that is so disastrous, it will take longer to recuperate. Longer than it would have if we had just rested prior to our bodies feeling run down.

For those of you aren’t sure what the Spoon Theory is, the best way I can explain it follows;

The Spoon Theory is usually used by those who suffer from chronic illnesses or have disabilities. This theory was originally penned by Christine Miserandino: it uses metaphorical spoons in a way that can be likened to a meter. This meter measures how much energy an individual has to engage in tasks for that day. The quantity of spoons the individual has (0-5) indicates how much energy they possess. 0 spoons mean the individual has absolutely no strength to function: it’s a dreadful day. 5 spoons mean the individual is feeling quite powered & able to function to the best of their ability. Keep in mind that a person having 5 spoons doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t experiencing any pain at all. I have had many 5 spoons days where I am able to go to work and function to the best of my abilities – with the pain still present.

take time out graphics-2.png

Which brings me back to the point: You are entitled to have a rest. Don’t deprive yourself of something that is detrimental to your wellbeing. Also, stop making yourself feel guilty or stressed whenever you do take time out to rest. If you spend the whole time doing this, you won’t even feel rested when it is over. Thus you will only be returning, feeling just as rubbish – if not worse than you already felt before you had your break.

Take time out and make every effort to enjoy it. Do whatever makes you feel peaceful & tranquil. Whether that is sleeping, reading, watching television, rolling on the floor (providing that it doesn’t use up your spoons) whatever works for you! When you do, own it. Be good to yourself. Your body is already fighting you on everything else as it is. Your work, job or family aren’t going anywhere and they’ll be there when you have finished your break!

When was the last time you took time out for a break? Leave a comment and talk to me!

Wishing you well warriors! Until next time,

Tasha M


Chronic illness in the family? This week’s #PainWarriorTalk

For today’s #PainWarriorTalks…some chronic illnesses are said to be hereditary or likely to run in the family – does anybody have a family member who suffers with a chronic illness as well? It doesn’t have to be the same as what you have either. Let us know us know in the comment section 😊

Have you tried pain management or counselling?

Question Time! Have you ever tried pain management or counselling for your illness or pain? How did you find it? Comment about your experiences or interest 🙂👍🏾

It’s your life, live it!

It’s your life warriors. Try to live it to the best of your abilities. Nobody can live it for you!

So for this week’s #PainWarriorPepTalk, remember that your life is yours to live warriors. Try to live it to the best of your abilities. Nobody can live it for you! We don’t know how long we have left so let’s try to make the most of it. Don’t let your struggles manipulate you to believe that you are not allowed to have a life that you can enjoy.

I will be posting an article in the coming days to share tips with you on how to live your life to the fullest. After all warriors, we’re learning to live our best life yet! Keep an eye out!

Tasha M


Don’t Stop Believin’

So what’s the update on my story? Well…I wasn’t made to be a quitter. Neither were you

Hey Pain Warriors!

It has been a while since I posted an article – a lot has happened since then. We’ve had the holidays and welcomed in a new year. I hope you all welcomed 2018 in a way that was great for you personally. I’m hoping that you all have made some plans and goals that you will achieve, or at least be en-route to achieving!

That being said, I set some goals for myself this year also – one of them being to post more frequently on the Pain Warrior Code blog. I’m excited for the things I have planned for the Pain Warrior Code so make sure you keep an eye out. I also have decided to share more about my own journey with chronic migraine, so you guys can get more of an understanding of my story.

So what’s the update on my story? Well… Continue reading “Don’t Stop Believin’”

Your Pain is Not in Vain!

Your pain has a purpose.
Your pain is NOT in vain!

Hey Warriors!

I know it has been an extremely long time since I’ve written a post- please forgive me! I will make sure to post more frequently because there are a lot of subjects & topics I want to address!

So those of you who follow Pain Warrior Code on twitter would have seen a tweet that I posted recently;

“Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and to help somebody else. Your pain is NOT in vain!

I was inspired to tweet this because we can easily get stuck in a rut with all the pain we experience on a daily basis. We can become consumed by a dark, isolated world where all we feel is pain, but don’t take into consideration that it can be used for a purpose. Continue reading “Your Pain is Not in Vain!”

Hey Warriors!

I decided to create this blog so I could post things in more depth. Twitter is great for messages that are to the point and bold. But sometimes 140 characters just can’t fully express the message I’m trying to convey.

I want this site to be a place where you can come to be encouraged and reminded that you are not alone. Sometimes we are at weak and low points and can’t encourage ourselves – let this be the place where you can receive it from someone else.

Like the twitter account, I will be posting about certain subjects or hashtags, sharing humour, and I have a few more things up my sleeve which you’ll see come out in due time 😉

So warriors, welcome and make sure you check out the pain warrior code page – which is the origin of the site and the Twitter account. If you want to know more about me and my journey then make sure you check out the ‘about me’ page too!

So warriors, this is for you – who needs encouragement.