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If you are interested in getting in touch with the Pain Warrior Code weather you are a pain warrior, or even a family member or friend of somebody who is dealing with a chronic illness – feel free to contact us! Warriors, if you ever want to share your stories or even talk through your struggles in confidence, send an email to

Follow the Pain Warrior Code on Twitter! WWW.Twitter.Com/PainWarriorCode

As some of you are aware, the Pain Warrior Code originally started on Twitter, so make sure you follow! You can interact with us here & join the conversation. We also have a few hash tags so feel free to join in anything that you would like to share with other pain Warriors! Our hash tags are;

#PainWarriorCode – this is anything that you feel pain Warrior should live by; ethics, way of thinking, rules, etc.

#PainWarriorPositivity – positive thoughts to lift a warrior’s spirit!

#PainWarriorPepTalk – a short encouragement to help a pain warrior on their way!

#PainWarriorProblems – this is the lighthearted tag where we joke about common struggles of having a chronic illness

#StupidStuffNonPainWarriorsSay – …well it speaks for itself. It’s all for a laugh though!

Pain Warrior Code is now on Facebook – make sure you check out the page & like/follow at 😃